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Fuel webinars are an interactive, educational series of online technical sessions featuring industry experts from among our members, Palo Alto Networks®, our partners and other cybersecurity experts. We'll share the latest partner updates, threat prevention tips, industry news, and more. See what's coming up or check out our archive.

Future Webinars:

How to Add Deeper Context to Your Network Security Performance Data

Monday, August 20
12:00pm-1:00pm Central/1:00pm-2:00pm Eastern

GarlandLogo.pngSpeakers: Greg Zemlin - Product Manager, Garland Technology, Kerry Takenaka - VP Product Management, cPacket Networks, Joshua Joiner - Director Solutions Engineering, cPacket Networks

Security engineers and network performance engineers often require the same information to do their jobs, but start with a different hypothesis or objective. In both roles, access to relevant information around incidents is key to understanding and a resolution. Security engineers can leverage existing monitoring infrastructure to provide additional context around issues. By utilizing a monitoring stack comprised of a firewall, network TAPs, smart packet brokers and packet capture tools, engineers can readily obtain this additional context, leading to enhanced security posture.

Join Garland Technology, a Fuel Founding Partner and cPacket Networks to discover how to add deeper context to your Network Security Performance Data.

In this security solutions based webinar, we will review:

  • Network connectivity best practices
  • Avoiding network downtime during Palo Alto Networks NGFW deployment
  • Convergence between network performance and security teams (NOC/SOC convergence)
  • Timescales and security: the value of context
  • Delivering valuable security context through performance data and packets: combining firewalls, TAPs, smart packet brokers and packet capture tools

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Recent Webinars:

State of Network Security: New Research from ESG and the Implications for IT

Speakers: Karen Crowley, Senior Product Manager, Tufin and  Ron Kehoe, CISSP, CISM, CISA, GCIHtufin logo_resized.png

The Enterprise Security Group (ESG) recently ran a research survey on the state of network security. The survey, commissioned by Tufin, presents some interesting results that require network security teams to plan ahead, such as: 86% of IT decision makers responded that automating network security operations is critical or very important for their organization, and yet 65% of them are still using manual processes to implement or modify network security controls.

This webinar will provide a review of the research results and insights into the effects on today’s deployments, presented by network security expert, Ron Kehoe. We will dive into what has changed in the last two years and how organizations see themselves adapting to new realities.

Topics will include:

  • Primary drivers that have increased the difficulty of security operations
  • How cloud services and SDN are impacting organizations
  • The move to DevOps and microservices and their impact

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Cloud-powered Network Detection and Response from Endpoint to Network

Speaker: Kelly Brazil, VP of Systems Engineering, ProtectWise™ 

protectwise.pngWhile multiple technologies are needed to secure organizations against cyber attacks, it makes investigation of security events difficult and time-consuming for analysts who have to work across multiple, often disjointed products.

ProtectWise™ and Palo Alto Networks® offer an integrated solution to detect threats on enterprise networks and convert it into action, giving back time to short- staffed security teams that are suffering from alert fatigue.

The ProtectWise Grid™ provides Cloud-Powered Network Detection and Response (NDR). Advanced analytics - such as behavior & anomaly detections, machine learning, threat intel, file analysis - on network traffic produce real time and retrospective detections. Full-fidelity packet captures, indexed and retained indefinitely, create a perfect, rapidly searchable network memory.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • Why Network Detection and Response (NDR) is important.
  • How the solution provides extremely reliable detections, even with encrypted traffic.
  • How this integration, along with long-term forensics, transforms workflow.

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Overcome the GDPR Hype with a Pragmatic Approach to Securing Your Data

pan-logo-badge-blue-medium-kick-up.jpg02_Original_version.pngSpeakers: Fred Streefland, Sr. Product Marketing Manager EMEA - Palo Alto Networks, Steve Healy, Global Director, Solutions Consulting - TITUS Incorporated

With the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) freshly implemented on 25th May, this webinar brings together the solutions of two power brands of IT security - TITUS and Palo Alto Networks. During this session we will focus on how you can leverage TITUS Data Classification and Palo Alto Networks data security technology to comply with the obligations of GDPR and be ready for what the future of data protection legislation holds. Learn now to protect your organisation’s reputation and bottom line by safeguarding your personal and corporate data.

This education webinar will include:

  • An overview of GDPR. What are your obligations?
  • The business landscape - How ready is the corporate world?
  • How Palo Alto Networks technology platform and solutions can help
  • How TITUS data classification can help. Data Identification as the first step in a GDPR compliance strategy
  • Better together: the added value that data classification brings to data filtering sessions
  • It's not too late. Consider your own business outcomes and GDPR compliance
  • A chance for you to ask questions and learn from others

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Tips for Security Appliance Deployment and Migrations

GarlandLogo.pngSpeakers: Greg Zemlin, Product Manager, Garland Technology, Ron Subers, Security Engineer, Guidepoint Security, Shawn Slater, Senior Security Architect, Guidepoint Security

Planning a new data center or remote site deployment? Contending with legacy network architecture? Join Garland Technology, a Fuel Founding Partner, and GuidePoint Security for deployment and migration tips and best practices for your next Palo Alto Network project.

In this security solutions based webinar, we will review:

  • Network Connectivity Best Practices
  • Security appliance reference architecture examples (Live Demo)
  • Managing multi-vendor security tools
  • Firewall migration tips and best practices (Live Demo)
  • Avoiding network downtime during Palo Alto Networks NGFW deployment

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Cybersecurity Round Table: I've been breached, what now?

GarlandLogo.pngSpeakers: Chris Bihary, CEO/Co-Founder - Garland Technology, Michael McCartney, President - Avalon Cyber, Seth Wiersma, Vice President Enterprise Sales - Avalon Cyber and Brahn Olson, Director of Cyber Security Services - Avalon

Cyber threats are quickly becoming more sophisticated with Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) creating a new level of security risk. If you experience a breach, it is critical that you have 100% network visibility to quickly find and fill the gap in your network, and identify what data may have been compromised.

Join the cyber security round table of Chris Bihary, CEO/Co-Founder of Garland Technology, a Fuel Founding Partner; Michael McCartney, President of Avalon Cyber; Seth Wiersma, Vice President Enterprise Sales of Avalon Cyber; and Brahn Olson, Director of Cyber Security Services of Avalon Cyber as they answer your questions and discuss next generation threat intelligence, network visibility and what to do if you’ve been breached.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Network Connectivity Best Practice
  • Network Breach/Incident Response
  • Cyber security monitoring - collecting security log data from widely used security appliances (e.g., firewalls, antivirus, endpoint detection and response solutions), normalize log data and identify alerts that are of high risk
  • Creating your foundation of visibility

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Reducing Risk and Increasing Agility through Policy-based Automation with Palo Alto Next-Generation Firewall

tufin logo_resized.png

Speaker: Karen Crowley, Tufin

Join our industry experts for this engaging discussion on the key ways automation provides better protection from emerging threats, ensures continuous compliance, reduces errors, and takes advantages of the built-in capabilities of Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls.

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How to Perform Incident Response with Palo Alto Networks

Speaker: IntelliGO

Malware is insidious, hazardous, and today, it’s everywhere. While cybersecurity professionals are all aware of the dangers of malware, it can be tough to truly grasp the difference that seconds can make in an attack unless you see what it looks like in real life. Join Fuel User Group and IntelliGO for an important webinar showcasing 5 real-life examples of malware discovered by Palo Alto Networks tools. We’ll cover how the attack happened, what was uncovered, and what the incident response process was. Find out how well-prepared you are for a cyberattack, and what to do if you’re breached.

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Protect Your Organization with Threat Lifecycle Management

Speaker: Jack Reynolds, LogRhythm

Today’s reality is that organizations will continue to be confronted by increasingly frequent and complex cyberthreats. Protecting your organization now mandates effective Threat Lifecycle Management (TLM) to address threats across the threat landscape.

The TLM framework begins with the ability to guard, monitor and search across your IT environment, and ends with the ability to quickly mitigate and recover from security incidents. The result? Faster time to detect and time to respond, with the resources already at hand.

In this webinar, Jake Reynolds, LogRhythm Technology Alliances Engineer, will highlight how LogRhythm’s Threat Lifecycle Management Platform combines with Palo Alto Networks’ Next-Generation Security Platform to empower organizations with exceptional visibility and context to quickly discover and neutralize concerning incidents.

In this session, we will cover:

  • How LogRhythm and Palo Alto Networks integrate for end-to-end threat lifecycle management
  • The growing role SIEMs have with security Data Lakes
  • Palo Alto Networks' upcoming Application Framework

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See Threats In Real Time with 100% Visibility
Speaker: Chris Bihary, CEO/Co-Founder - Garland Technology & David Gold, Vice President of Product Management - Protectwise™

Network security becomes increasingly complex with each passing day, making it critical that busy security teams have full visibility and threat detection capabilities. These resource-constrained teams already support a wide range of security appliances like firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and forensics to help guard enterprises from a growing threat landscape. However, that also means they're managing multiple interfaces and more security data than any one person - or team - can use effectively.

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Win the War with Zero Trust
Speaker: VMware

Today’s networks aren’t set up to withstand modern cyberwarfare. As enterprises embrace cloud-based delivery and software-defined data centers, you need to stay one step ahead and assume a trust no-one approach. A ‘Zero Trust’ approach to security - know your data, where it is, and which users or devices are supposed to have access to it - becomes fundamental. The technological innovations of today, next-generation firewalls, virtual network infrastructure, and orchestration, make the evolution to Zero Trust easier than ever.

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Machine Learning - What You Need to Know
Speaker: Giora Engel, Palo Alto Networks

There are many applications and uses for the expanding capabilities of machine learning, none more valuable and impactful than those in the field of cybersecurity. You’ve probably already read or heard something about using machine learning to combat emerging threats, but how does this work, and what does it mean for you in your role on the front line of your organization’s defenses. Join Giora Engel, VP Product Management at Palo Alto Networks and Founder of LightCyber, as we get beyond the marketing buzz and define what machine learning really is, the kinds of resources that are required to power this kind of approach, and how machine learning helps cybersecurity professionals actively combat new threats instead of a completely reactive approach.

Giora will also reveal details about the upcoming beta program for LightCyber Behavioral Analytics. If your organization is an early adopter of emerging technologies, you can sign up for LightCyber beta and evaluate the benefits of supervised and unsupervised machine learning first hand.

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Network Connectivity & Security Solutions
Speaker: Chris Bihary, CEO/Co-Founder & Patrick Nixdorf, System Engineer - Garland Technology

Whether you are planning a new data center, remote site deployments or are contending with legacy network architecture - how you deploy is just as important as what you deploy.

Join Garland Technology, a Fuel Founding Partner on a security solutions focused webinar. Chris Bihary, CEO/Co-Founder of Garland Technology has over 20+ years experience in figuring out the most common and complex network access problems.

This is a security solutions based webinar, we will review common Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall deployments as well as applications for multi-vendor security and monitoring tools.

Security Solution Overview:

  • Avoiding downtime in Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall deployment 
  • Installing patches without taking the network down 
  • Cost effective High Availability Solutions for Active/Active & Active/Passive 
  • Remote site management 
  • Managing multi-vendor security tools (chaining) 
  • Affordable transition from 10G to 40G 
  • See packets before and after they pass through device

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Fuel Best Practices Roundtable - Decreasing Your Attack Footprint
Speaker: Matt Mellen, Palo Alto Networks

Do you have DNS sinkholing enabled? Do you block connections from countries you don’t do business with? In this interactive call, we’ll discuss questions like this and other creative ways to use the security platform to decrease your attack footprint. Discussion topics will be based primarily around different features you can enable across the security platform. 

There will be a slight bias toward healthcare but any industry is invited to participate. Remember, this is an interactive call so come ready to share your ideas!

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How Organizations Can Gain Infrastructure Efficiency by Automating Their Network Operations

BackBox logo.png

Speaker: Rafi Zvi, Co-Founder, BackBox

BackBox provides a single, centralized location for automated and seamless network operations. Device Configuration Backup, Automated Recovery and Disaster Recovery Procedures, Dynamic Asset Management, Pre-emptive Health Checks, Configuration Harmonization across all devices and Automated multi-device configuration changes enable organizations to mitigate risk and save time in day-to-day network operations for over 150 Network and Security Vendors.

During this 45-minute educational Webinar, you will find out how to:

  • Fully automate and verify the disaster recovery procedure of your network infrastructure.
  • Harmonize your device configurations to meet your corporate standards.
  • Preemptively monitor your device operations and prevent downtime.
  • Save time and mitigate risk by pushing configuration changes to multiple devices from a central location.

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Taking Zero-Touch Automation to the Next (Generation) Level

Speakers: Joe Schreiber, Technical Director of Business Development at Tufin;

Erez Tadmor, Sr. Product Manager, Orchestration and Automation at Tufin

Automation is a key element as organizations adapt to digital transformation, and security operations are not excluded. Tufin allows you to automate changes to Palo Alto Networks Next Generation policies and to maximize agility and productivity without losing control. Whether a change is required to App-ID or User-ID to enable a new service, Tufin orchestration suite analyzes, designs and implements the change from a single console to ensure rapid delivery.

Join the session to learn how you can:

  1. Implement changes to Panorama device group NGFW policies in minutes.
  2. Enforce continuous compliance with security standards with proactive risk analysis
  3. Reduce the complexity of your hybrid network environment

Using vRNI to Visualize and Secure Your Data Center Virtual Network

Speaker: Frank Snyder, Sr. Systems Engineer, VMware

vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) is a network analytics and security modeling tool designed for the VMware-based virtual datacenter. By utilizing vRNI to identify and profile traffic inside the virtual data center, an engineer will be able to make accurate security decisions that will result in the accurate and rapid deployment of distributed firewall rules into the NSX enabled virtual data center.

This webinar will provide the following to the attendees:

  1. How to gain 360° visibility to all traffic within the virtual data center, and filter that data from the data center level down to the virtual machine level.
  2. How to group VMs to represent application and visually see how those applications are communicating.
  3. How to manage a full installed and functioning instance of NSX from a security and operations perspective.

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Network Connectivity - Basics and Beyond

Speakers: Chris Bihary, CEO/Co-Founder, Garland Technology;

Patrick Nixdorf, System Engineer, Garland Technology

Long range, short range, and twisted pair and that’s just the 1G media connection options. There is a dizzying amount of different media types for network connectivity. Once you untangle the cabling questions for your network - you dive straight into the pluggables. On the surface, choosing what pluggable seems simple enough - just match the speed, mode and fiber type, right? But, there are a vast amount of options based on your current infrastructure and future needs.

Join Garland Technology, a Fuel Founding Partner on a network connectivity reboot - this webinar will begin with covering the basics and expand into vendor-specific connectivity such as BiDi and MTP® as well as the unique environmental considerations within Industrial Ethernet and Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) settings.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Cabling - it’s more than acronyms!
  • Copper
  • Fiber
  • How to: Measuring dB insertion loss
  • Bend radius tolerances
  • Industrial Ethernet - environmental considerations
  • Pluggables: Common compatibility scenarios Pluggables:
  • Pluggables: Vendor-specific options: BiDi, MTP
  • Converting media for compatibility
  • Converting network speed

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