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Protect Your Organization with Threat Lifecycle Management Join the webinar to learn how LogRhythm and Palo Alto are empowering organizations to detect, respond to and neutralize cyberthreats. View recent and upcoming webinars.
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See Threats In Real Time with 100% Visibility
In this webinar you will learn multiple ways to integrate between Palo Alto Networks NGFW, ProtectWise and Garland Technology, how The ProtectWise Grid works, and how this integrated solution enables full visibility and creates a lasting memory of your network.
Win the War with Zero Trust
A "Zero Trust" approach to security - know your data, know where it is, and know which users or devices are supposed to have access to it - becomes fundamental. Hear from the ‘Father of Zero Trust’, John Kindervag, and learn how to take your first step to win the war with Zero Trust.
Machine Learning - What You Need to Know
In this webinar, Giora Engel, VP Product Management at Palo Alto Networks and Founder of LightCyber defines what machine learning really is, the kinds of resources that are required to power this kind of approach, and how machine learning helps cybersecurity professionals actively combat new threats instead of a completely reactive approach.
Network Connectivity & Security Solutions
In this security solutions based webinar, Chris Bihary, CEO and co-founder of Garland Technology, and Patrick Nixdorf, system engineer at Garland Technology, review common Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall deployments, as well as applications for multi-vendor security and monitoring tools.
Fuel Best Practices Roundtable - Decreasing Your Attack Footprint
In this roundtable webinar, Matt Mellen from Palo Alto Networks discusses creative ways to use the security platform to decrease your attack footprint.