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Don't Panic - Unit 42 Podcast

Fuel members receive exclusive early access to the Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 Podcast. Hosted by Ryan Olson, Intelligence Director of Unit 42, this monthly podcast will dive into recent findings from Unit 42, discuss current breaches and security trends.

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Host: Ryan Olson, Intelligence Director, Unit 42

Episode 6: September 2015
Don’t Panic: Blackhat 2015 Recap

In the latest episode of "Don’t Panic," hear Rick Howard (CSO), Sean Duca (Regional CSO – APAC) and William Saito (Regional CSO – Japan) cover the big topics that came out of BlackHat 2015. The three CSOs discuss hacking cars, innovative hiring practices and attacks on hypervisors, all of which were hot topics at this year's conference.

Episode 5: August 2015
Don’t Panic: The Problem with Passwords

In this episode: Vishaal Hariprasad and Rob Downs address common security mistakes in creating and storing passwords, as well as the tools and technologies available to increase password security. We also discuss Parmy Olson’s book, We Are Anonymous, which depicts how quickly an attacker can move through a company’s network using only stolen passwords and social engineering.

Episode 4: June 2015

Don’t Panic: Cyber Attack Attribution 

In this episode: Rick Howard, Chief Security Officer, Palo Alto Networks joins us to discuss cyber threat attribution, it’s many components and how it can be valuable to different organizations. We also discuss Neal Stephenson’s 2011 novel “Reamde” and how the author used the concept of cyber threat attribution to drive the plot in this Cybersecurity Canon candidate. 

Episode 3: May 2015
Don’t Panic: Backdoored Cryptographic Systems

In this episode: Palo Alto Networks takes you inside the Cybersecurity Canon at Ignite 2015. This year they added four entries to the list of books that every cybersecurity progressional should read, and Ignite attendees had the opportunity to meet with the authors and speak with them directly about their experiences. Hear from Brian Krebs, author of “Spam Nation, and  Rich Baich, author of “Winning as a CISO”.

Episode 2: April 13, 2015
Don’t Panic: Backdoored Cryptographic Systems 

In this episode: Rick Howard, Chief Security Officer, Palo Alto Networks joins us to discuss Backdoored Cryptographic Systems and their impact on the overall security of the Internet. We also dive into how CSI: Cyber and other crime shows portray cyber attacks to the public. 

Episode 1: March 2, 2015
Don’t Panic: Cybersecurity Information Sharing

In this episode: This week Rick Howard, Chief Security Officer, Palo Alto Networks joins to discuss Cybersecurity Information Sharing and how threat alliance consortiums are advancing today. They also touch on information security’s impact on culture and media covering a “The Imitation Game” which you’ll need to see if you haven’t already.  (Spoiler alert!)