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Fuel Partners are more than sponsors: they help shape the conversation and activities across the Fuel User Group community. Partners engage with members through webcasts, social media, forums, member communications, in-person events and more.

Partnering with the Fuel User Group gives you the opportunity to connect directly with a global community of network security professionals, cyber threat analysts and thought leaders. Fuel Partners identify and connect with influencers, early adopters and practitioners who are defining today’s top security strategies.

Fuel Partners have the opportunity to access leaders in the security industry year round, and provide members with their most relevant news and product information. Partnering with Fuel means determining the content of education, events and discussions influencing the Fuel member community.

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Fuel Founding Partners: 


Palo Alto Networks is leading a new era in cybersecurity by protecting thousands of enterprise, government, and service provider networks from cyber threats. Unlike fragmented legacy products, our security platform safely enables business operations and delivers protection based on what matters most in today's dynamic computing environments: applications, users, and content. Find out more at




Garland Technology is a leading network TAP manufacturer and provides the physical connection between the network and your Palo Alto Networks NGFW. Garland Technology's network TAPs guarantees 100% network visibility, access and uptime by ensuring every bit, byte, and packet® is feed to your NGFW. With a full product line of network access tools, including network TAPs in bypass, aggregation/regeneration, filtering and breakout modes as well as hybrid bypass TAPs with packet broker capabilities that protect and manage your edge-of-network inline appliances. Network capabilities support 1G/10G/40G and 100G.

The partnership with Palo Alto Networks provides your network with 100% network visibility, access and uptime for your NGFW investment. A Garland Technology Bypass TAP supports your NGFW's entire lifecycle from evaluation and optimization with live data, to full inline active use, to anytime off-line access for trouble-shooting, updates and maintenance - all with tapping the live network only once.

Visit for additional information, and let us help your company with its network visibility needs.

Garland Technology
PO Box 711, Buffalo, New York 14205



Tufin® is the leader in Security Policy Orchestration, enabling enterprises to centrally manage, visualize and control security policies across hybrid cloud and physical network environments. Tufin serves over 1,600 enterprise customers in industries worldwide – including finance, telecom, energy and utilities, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, retail, education, government, manufacturing and transportation. The award-winning Tufin Orchestration Suite™ is a complete solution for automatically designing, provisioning, analyzing and auditing network security changes from the application layer down to the network layer. By optimizing security policies, Tufin reduces the attack surface and minimizes disruptions to critical applications; its network-security automation provides enterprises with rapid service delivery, continuous compliance and increased agility.

67 Park Place East, Suite 740 Morristown, NJ 07960

Fuel Global Platinum Partners:


Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, is a leading provider of next-generation networking solutions for enterprises of all sizes worldwide. The company delivers IT solutions that empower organizations to serve the latest generation of mobile-savvy users who rely on cloud-based business apps for every aspect of their work and personal lives. Website:



FireMon provides enterprise organizations with tools to better understand and manage their existing network security infrastructure. Through simple, real-time visualizations of device performance and IT data, FireMon helps teams configure and maintain their security devices as well as rapidly respond should a security event occur. 

Security Manager, FireMon’s policy and device management solution, provides continuous visibility into network devices, configurations and underlying IT risk, ensuring practitioners have the intelligence they need to adapt defenses to changing business needs and emerging threats. 

The latest release provides traffic analysis at the application level, allowing users to identify which applications are being used by a rule and between sources and destinations. As organizations continue to adopt firewalls with application-level controls, Security Manager provides the necessary information to ease the migration and creation of rules with application definition – ensuring the technology is used to its full potential. Learn more at



Palo Alto Networks and VMware have joined forces to deliver a uniform security approach across physical, virtualized, and cloud environments. Together, we are transforming network security for the software defined data center—delivering new levels of infrastructure utilization and network efficiencies, while providing the best visibility, control and next-generation threat protection.

3401 Hillview Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304
(650) 427-5000 / (877)486-9273

Fuel Gold Partners


Endace’s multifunctional Analytics Platform can host 3rd-party network analytics applications while simultaneously recording a 100% accurate Network History, enabling fast, accurate detection, investigation and analysis of network security and performance issues.

The platform enables agile deployment of analytics functions and dramatically reduces OPEX and CAPEX costs by consolidating datacenter hardware. Hosted applications can analyze live or historical traffic.

Global customers include banks, healthcare, telcos, broadcasters, retailers, web giants, governments and military. Learn more at


Fuel Global Silver Partner:


Gigamon (NYSE: GIMO) provides active visibility into physical and virtual network traffic, enabling stronger security and superior performance. Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric™ and GigaSECURE®, the industry’s first Security Delivery Platform, deliver advanced intelligence so that security, network, and application performance management solutions in enterprise, government, and service provider networks operate more efficiently. As data volumes and network speeds grow and threats become more sophisticated, tools are increasingly overburdened. One hundred percent visibility is imperative. Gigamon is installed in more than three-quarters of the Fortune 100, more than half of the Fortune 500, and seven of the 10 largest service providers.

Visit Gigamon at



Indeni makes IT operations best practices easily accessible. With an open development platform, and data collection from humans and machines, Indeni enables the distribution of firewall knowledge between IT experts and organizations around the globe. Join innovative Enterprises such as Visa, MasterCard, Office Depot and Blue Cross Blue Shield who are adopting the new approach to network monitoring and management to ensure their firewalls are working as intended. 



At Plixer, we are passionate about delivering flexible solutions that uncover malice intended activities. By sleuthing out odd communication behaviors, Scrutinizer can uncover DDoS attacks, network scans, and botnets, and can aid in the positive identification of zero-day attacks. To this end, we routinely engage our customers to better understand their needs and ensure that their suggestions guide our research and development efforts. As a result, we deliver a top-rated threat detection and forensic analysis solution that simplifies cyber threat forensics and application performance monitoring.

Phone: +1 207 324 8805
Address: 68 Main St. Ste. 4
Kennebunk, ME 04043 USA


ProtectWise™ provides automated network detection and response across time for any network. Delivering security entirely from the cloud, The ProtectWise Grid™ captures full-fidelity network traffic from enterprise, cloud and industrial environments, to create a lasting network memory. The security platform provides real time and retrospective alerting and analysis in a rich, innovative visualizer. By harnessing the cloud, The ProtectWise Grid delivers unique advantages over current network security products, including the industry's only automated retrospection and the ease and cost-savings of an on-demand deployment model.  



The Respond Analyst is the first software expert system to automate the monitoring and analysis decisions performed by front-line security analysts. The Respond Analyst emulates the judgment and reasoning of experienced security professionals with speed, scale and consistency unmatched by today’s manual processes. Leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning and modern stream-based architectures, and leveraging Respond Software’s unique Probabilistic Graphical Optimization (PGO®) technology, the Respond Analyst acts autonomously – without a heavy system management burden, security engineering oversight, or long learning cycles.

The integration between Palo Alto Networks and Respond Software allows security teams to monitor, prioritize and analyze alerts generated by Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls. Organizations will no longer have to manually analyze threat alerts to determine if events are true positives that require actionable responses. 

Like a frontline security analyst, the Respond Analyst escalates triaged and scoped incidents based on Palo Alto Networks threat alerts, including but not limited to alerts on malware beaconing, malware outbreaks, lateral movement through exploitation, and unauthorized scanning and reconnaissance. 

Empowering the Respond Analyst to monitor Palo Alto Networks threats within your organization can reduce the total cost of ownership for network intrusion monitoring by removing the human analyst’s task of reviewing and analyzing alerts in addition to automating analyst decision-making. Learn more at

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