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Cybersecurity threats are everywhere—and so are your allies.

Sharing knowledge about threat prevention and security is one of the most important weapons we have in the fight against cyber-attacks. Stay one step ahead of the latest threats by connecting today with other professionals in Fuel’s global community. Explore the many ways you can get involved and contribute to our community of experts.

Chapters: Fuel Chapters are local communities of Fuel members who meet in person for networking and education with like-minded peers. Fuel has more than 150 chapters around the globe, with members who actively exchange ideas, tips, and experiences at local meetups and in forums.

Chapter LeadersThe Fuel Chapter Leader Community is available to current chapter leaders as a way of providing updates on what is going on within the Fuel community, including announcements on meetings and activities, training documents, resources and more.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Delve deeper into critical cybersecurity topics with like-minded professionals. SIGs connect with each other to share interest and learn more about challenges, solutions and products specific to an industry.

Forums: Join a conversation online and tap into the knowledge and experience of Fuel members around the world.  Members connect in our forums to ask technical questions, swap tips and tricks and discuss the latest industry developments.