Help shape the future of Fuel User Group. 
Vote for the Fuel Board of Directors. 

Fuel is a user-led community, guided by a Board of Directors who are Palo Alto Networks users themselves. The Fuel Board of Directors leads the community to provide an engaging and information filled environment for members to collaborate and learn.

Fuel recently concluded an open call for Board members. This involved an application and interview process that was guided by an Election Committee, consisting of volunteers. The Election Committee then determined which candidates to put forward to the membership for a vote. These Fuel Board candidates would serve a two-year term beginning in August 2021.

Fuel Board candidates are elected as a slate. Members have the option to approve or decline the slate. Members also hold the option to write-in candidates on the proposed slate. Should the slate not be approved by the voting membership, a general election would be held.

Please take just a moment to confirm the recommended list of candidates, as it is critical to have your vote for the full slate in order for Fuel to achieve a quorum of our members. Voting closes on July 16, 2021. You can find more information about the candidates below.

For the 2021-2022 elections, there are four candidates on the slate for the open Board positions. The nominees are:

  • Laura Penhallow
  • Gary Ramah
  • John Linkowsky
  • Eric Walters

The Candidates 

Laura Penhallow*
Security Engineer, Jump Trading
London, UK

Why do you believe you would make an excellent Board Candidate?
An excellent Board candidate would be an individual who wants to push Fuel to continuously reinvent itself; status quo is never enough.  They should be actively involved in the membership community so that they understand what the community wants and needs from Fuel, and can help facilitate that as a board member. 

Gary Ramah*
Sr. Security Specialist, The Walt Disney Company
Pasadena, CA

Why do you believe you would make an excellent Board Candidate?
Over the past four years, as a Fuel board member, I’ve learned the Fuel business model. I also understand the time commitments that board membership requires.  In past meetings I have been supportive, but willing to express my own opinions.  I have the relevant context as I work daily with Palo Alto Networks products including their on-premises and Cloud tools. I’m passionate about cybersecurity.


John Linkowsky
Team Lead – Perimeter Security Engineer, L3Harris
Hamilton, NJ

Why do you believe you would make an excellent Board Candidate?
With over 30 years of hands-on experience in network and security engineering and architecture, I have developed a strong passion for cybersecurity, and how it affects other people in the field, or thinking about getting into the field.  Knowing that the arena we are in has a large growth potential over the next decade or more, is a strong reason to learn and understand as much as possible to maintain our field, and keep our environments safe.

Eric Walters.jpg

Eric Walters 
CISO, Burns & McDonnell
Overland Park, KS

Why do you believe you would make an excellent Board Candidate?
Rudyard Kipling said ““For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.”  For user groups it is the same, “the strength of Group is the User and their willingness to share and learn from others.  My passion is for user groups to be engaging, open, and a safe place to discuss the struggles and share successes with the technology.  We far too often struggle in silence when others have experienced the same issue and may have the answers.  I believe in the Fuel and have lead the Kansas City chapter for the last 2 years, I now want to take that passion to the next level.

*Current member of the Fuel Board of Directors running for re-election.