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Vote for the Fuel Board of Directors. 

Fuel is a user-led community, guided by a Board of Directors who are Palo Alto Networks users themselves. The Fuel Board of Directors leads the community to provide an engaging and information filled environment for members to collaborate and learn.

Fuel recently concluded an open call for Board members. This involved an application and interview process that was guided by an Election Committee, consisting of volunteers. The Election Committee then determined which candidates to put forward to the membership for a vote. These Fuel Board candidates would serve a two-year term beginning in August 2019.

Fuel Board candidates are elected as a slate. Members have the option to approve or decline the slate. Members also hold the option to write-in candidates on the proposed slate. Should the slate not be approved by the voting membership, a general election would be held.

Please take just a moment to confirm the recommended list of candidates, as it is critical to have your vote for the full slate in order for Fuel to achieve a quorum of our members. Voting closes on June 1, 2019. You can find more information about the candidates below.

For the 2019-2020 elections, there are four candidates on the slate for the open Board positions. The nominees are:

  • John Matelski
  • Gary Ramah
  • Blake Wofford
  • Laura Penhallow
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The Candidates 

Dwight Hobbs

John Matelski*
CIO, DeKalb County Government
Decatur, GA

Why do you believe you would make an excellent Board Candidate?
I believe I would make a great Board member because I am passionate and committed to enhancing IT security within my organization, within my industry, and more importantly across all industries and regions worldwide.  Together we can achieve success!

Mario Perez

Gary Ramah*
Lead Security Architect, The Walt Disney Company 
Pasadena, CA

Why do you believe you would make an excellent Board Candidate?
Over the past two years, as a Fuel board member, I’ve learned the Fuel business model. I also understand the time commitments that board membership requires.  In past meetings I have been supportive, but willing to express my own opinions.  I have the relevant context as I work daily with Palo Alto Networks products including their on-premises and Cloud tools. I’m passionate about cybersecurity.

Blake Wofford

Blake Wofford*
Technical Services Engineer, CenturyLink
Fort Worth, TX

Why do you believe you would make an excellent Board Candidate?
I am excited to be a member of Fuel, no matter in what capacity I serve.  I have been on the board for four years and they’ve been the most rewarding years of my career.  Once my term is done, I plan on continuing to serve in any capacity available to me.  Whether that’s working with local chapter meetings, promoting Fuel to others or sweeping floors after an event.  I’m a Fuel member because I love to give back, and because I find that by giving back, I gain so much more!  Go Fuel!

Untitled design (6).png

Laura Penhallow 
Security Engineer, Jump Trading International
London, UK

Why do you believe you would make an excellent Board Candidate?
When I find something that inspires me, I will stop at nothing to share it with everyone I come into contact with.  Fuel is something that truly inspires me and makes me want to not only share it with the entire Palo Alto Networks user community, but something I want to help shape and continuously improve to make it even better.

*Current member of the Fuel Board of Directors running for re-election.