Help shape the future of Fuel User Group. 
Vote for the Fuel Board of Directors. 

Fuel is a user-led community, guided by a Board of Directors who are Palo Alto Networks users themselves. The Fuel Board of Directors leads the community to provide an engaging and information filled environment for members to collaborate and learn.

Fuel recently concluded an open call for Board members. This involved an application and interview process that was guided by an Election Committee, consisting of volunteers. The Election Committee then determined which candidates to put forward to the membership for a vote. These Fuel Board candidates would serve a two-year term beginning in August 2020.

Fuel Board candidates are elected as a slate. Members have the option to approve or decline the slate. Members also hold the option to write-in candidates on the proposed slate. Should the slate not be approved by the voting membership, a general election would be held.

Please take just a moment to confirm the recommended list of candidates, as it is critical to have your vote for the full slate in order for Fuel to achieve a quorum of our members. Voting closes on July 17, 2020. You can find more information about the candidates below.

For the 2020-2021 elections, there are four candidates on the slate for the open Board positions. The nominees are:

  • George Finney
  • Dwight Hobbs
  • Mario Perez
  • Fraser Roberts

The Candidates 

George Finey
George Finney*
CSO, Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX

Why do you believe you would make an excellent Board Candidate?
I have a passion for education, and I think the biggest difference we can make in cybersecurity comes through education. Our mission in Fuel is to both help train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals as well as to provide resources for current cybersecurity professionals to advance in their careers. I love teaching because of the difference we can make as educators, but also because it requires me to continue to learn and grow as well. 

Dwight Hobbs
Dwight Hobbs*
Director of Engineering, EC-Council
York, PA

Why do you believe you would make an excellent Board Candidate?
Fuel has achieved great things in its 5-year existence but I know there is still more room for growth and continuing opportunities for us to provide value to our community. I will provide my knowledge of information security and Palo Alto Networks’ products, experience from my career, and insight from my time previously serving on the board to help continue to advance Fuel and increase its value to the community.

Mario Perez

Mario Perez*
Data Communications Specialist, Los Angeles Mission College
Slymar, CA

Why do you believe you would make an excellent Board Candidate?
I believe I will be an excellent Fuel Board candidate because of both my professional and personal experience. My personal experience is centered around existing and new cyber security strategy for the safeguard of information and critical infrastructure. I am an active volunteer at the Fuel Education Committee, Fuel Spark User Summit in addition to any of the local Fuel chapter gatherings. It is because of my direct involvement in Fuel User Group, and the exceptional experiences at Ignite and Spark User Summit that I desire to give back to Fuel User Group by serving on the Board. In addition, my professional experience of more than 17 years of Higher Education either as Professor of Information Security or as Data Communications Specialist or as AFT1521A Chapter Chair gives me a background to succeed as a member of the Fuel Board. This work experience will allow me to be a valuable, effective member of the Board.

Fraser Roberts

Fraser Roberts* 
IT Director, Formation Environmental
Boulder, CO

Why do you believe you would make an excellent Board Candidate?
I am more than familiar with the feeling in the pit of your stomach when the phone rings two minutes after your firewall commit is finally done, and the number of your boss is on the caller-id.

*Current member of the Fuel Board of Directors running for re-election.