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Tom Young is a Principal Network Engineer from Flair Data Systems and was a member of the Denver Fuel User Group until he moved to North Carolina last year. 

Young found the Fuel User Group particularly helpful. It provided him with a great way to connect with other cybersecurity professionals in the area and to learn from their experiences. The Fuel User Group gives members an opportunity to share their knowledge and to learn from others in the field.

Young welcomed the information and insights from guest presenters at User Group meetings helpful in staying on top of new tools and techniques that aided him in his work with Flair Data Systems clients. 

Another benefit that Young realized from attending the Denver User Group is the opportunity to network with other professionals. He mentions that he has been able to make valuable connections through the group, which has helped him in his career. Networking can open up new opportunities and can be a great way to expand one's professional network.

Young also notes that the Denver User Group provided a great opportunity for professional development, giving him a forum for learning new skills and improving existing ones. All of this enabled him to be more successful in his career.

Watch the video of Young where he discusses his involvement with the Denver User Group.

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