Long-time Board Member Amazed at Fuel Community Engagement

John Linkowsky, a Fuel User Group Board Member, recently spoke about his experience with Fuel and why other Palo Alto Networks customers should get involved with the organization. Linkowsky has been a member of Fuel since 2016 and a Board Member since 2019.

Initial Involvement Driven by Fuel Member Assistance

Linkowsky first became interested in Fuel after experiencing challenges with his own network security and realizing the value of a community where users can share their experiences and knowledge. “I was having trouble with some of the features on my Palo Alto Networks firewall and I reached out to the community for help,” he says. “I was amazed at how quickly and effectively the community was able to assist me in resolving my issue.”

Giving Back to the Community as a Board Member

As a Board Member, Linkowsky plays an active role in the organization and is involved in planning and organizing events, such as Palo Alto Networks Ignite event and local Fuel chapter meetings. He also provides regular input on the direction of Fuel User Groups. One of the most fulfilling aspects of being a Board Member, according to Linkowsky, is the opportunity to help other Fuel User Group members and to make a positive impact on their careers and companies.

Linkowsky is especially excited about opportunities for him to give back to the community by helping to organize events and providing guidance to other users. "Being a part of the Fuel community has allowed me to make connections and learn from other users who are facing similar challenges,” he says. “It’s also been a great opportunity to give back by sharing my own experiences and knowledge with others.”

Networking and Technical Benefits of Fuel

Linkowsky also emphasizes the importance of user groups like Fuel for customers of Palo Alto Networks. “These groups provide a valuable resource for users to share their experiences, troubleshoot issues, and learn from one another,” he notes. “By getting involved with Fuel, customers can maximize their investment in their Palo Alto Networks solutions by leveraging the collective knowledge and experiences of the community.”

In addition to the technical benefits, Linkowsky highlights the networking opportunities that come with being a part of the Fuel User Group. “I’ve been able to meet other IT professionals in similar roles and industries and learn from their experiences,” he notes. “It’s been a great way to expand my professional network and gain valuable insights.”

An Overwhelmingly Positive Experience

Linkowsky's involvement with the Fuel User Group has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for him and he encourages other Palo Alto Networks customers to get involved with Fuel. With the Fuel User Group, customers can leverage the collective knowledge and experiences of the community to maximize their investment in their security solutions and expand their professional network.

To hear Linkowsky speak about his involvement with the Fuel User Group and the key benefits he and other members realize, check out his video.

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