Board Member Highlights Fuel Connections Within and Outside of Fuel User Groups

Gary Ramah, a Fuel User Group Board Member, recently sat down for an interview to discuss his experience with Fuel and the value propositions it offers Palo Alto Networks. Ramah first became aware of Fuel in 2015, when he switched employers and his new Palo Alto Network account manager introduced him to Fuel. He participated in the Fuel User Group for about a year and a half before becoming a Board Member.

Serving as a Fuel Board Member

Ramah emphasizes the exciting and interesting experience of working on the Fuel Board of Directors. As a Board Member, he sees a lot of other cybersecurity peers in his area and what they are experiencing, not only in their own jobs, but also at the Fuel chapter leader level. Fuel has tens of thousands of members worldwide, and each one is distinct; run by local users with their own ideas and requirements.

One of the most fulfilling parts of working on the Fuel Board of Directors is the ability to energize individual members’ roles within their company. Ramah explains how he sometimes comes across members at either Palo Alto Networks Ignite events or Fuel chapter meetings, when members begin talking about something with which they have a problem and discover other members have the same issue. By facilitating collaboration and networking between these Fuel members, Fuel User Groups foster professional friendships that lay the groundwork for technical exchanges that benefit individual Fuel members and the numerous companies represented in Fuel User Groups.

Yearlong Engagement Opportunities

Ramah highlights the extensive number of in-person and virtual meetings that Fuel User Groups connect to, including Ignite events and Spark events that occur throughout the year. At these events as well as local Fuel User Group chapter meetings, not only do Palo Alto Networks customers have a chance to meet with Palo Alto Networks subject-matter experts as well as Palo Alto Networks partners and learn about product roadmaps, innovations, and integrations. Ramah explains that this allows those members to not only blow their own horn about what they're doing, but also to reflect on what that activity was and projected in a way that their peers can consume, which Ramah notes can be a career-advancing ability for most technical people.

Training and Certification Opportunities

Ramah also mentions the various discounts and training opportunities that the Fuel User Group offers, including discounts for conferences like Ignite and the chance to use Virtual Test Lab environments that Fuel offers. This hands-on training and certification provide Palo Alto Networks users with great professional development opportunities. 

Ramah points out that a key differentiator of the Fuel User Group is its agnostic approach to technology and the fact that it is run by users unlike other associations and user groups. He describes that Fuel is akin to a giant focus group for security tools, allowing members to evaluate any number of cybersecurity products while gaining hands-on experience, even if their organizations are not ready to adopt it.

Fuel Connects Palo Alto Networks Users, Employees, and Partners

Ramah emphasizes the value of networking and connecting with peers, as well as the numerous opportunities for training and professional development, as the core value propositions of being a Fuel member and using Palo Alto Networks. With its focus on connecting cybersecurity professionals and finding the best solutions, the Fuel User Group is a valuable resource for anyone in the cybersecurity field.

To hear Ramah speak about his experiences with the Fuel User Group and why Palo Alto Networks users need to join, check out his video.

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