Corsa Webinar: Making Orchestration Intelligent for On-premise VM-Series Virtual Firewalls


Corsa Webinar

Making Orchestration Intelligent for On-premise VM-Series Virtual Firewalls

Tuesday, AUGUST 30th
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EsT



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We all know that converting physical firewalls to virtual ones is a challenge. The steps required to achieve on-premise network firewall virtualization are multiple and complex Your data centers are virtualized but now it’s time to look to your private network because it’s so crucial to your business.  This is where intelligent orchestration can make a huge difference. 

Intelligent orchestration automates the full lifecycle of on-premises virtual firewalls from deploy to scale to optimize. It provides a constantly updated, aggregated view of resource utilization and overall health of the system across the many environments of your network. 

Tightly integrating virtualization with intelligent orchestration and automation gives you speed, simplicity and savings when you replace your physical firewalls with Palo Alto Networks VM-series virtual firewalls. This frees you and your team up to focus on strategic issues without sacrificing security performance and reliability.  

In this webinar, you will see 

  • Key elements of intelligent orchestration and how it can deliver business agility 
  • Use cases and a deep dive of a recent deployment  
  • How the Corsa Security Orchestrator integrates with Palo Alto Networks VM-series  

Speaker: Dave Whittaker, Director, SE, Corsa Security 

Dave is customer-centric and highly technical with certifications from both Palo Alto Networks and the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). His unique blend of skills and experience has been instrumental in the development of the Corsa Security solution. Customers count on him for their system architectures while knowing he also has the technical expertise to get into low-level troubleshooting. He will challenge anyone to a round of golf once the network is secure.

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