Fuel Integration Day with FireMon


Fuel Integration Day with FireMon

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

9:00 am - 12:30 pm PT


Virtual Meeting

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Attendees will have the chance to win an Ember Smart Mug! Gift cards for lunch will be provided!

Join us for a virtual day of education and networking around a day in the life of a networking professional! We will focus on the most important changes to the industry's mindset.

Take advantage of this complimentary day of learning, including in-depth training and discussions, and opportunities to network with peers and other thought-leaders in your industry. Gift cards for lunch will be provided! 



9:00 - 9:15:


9:15 - 10:00:

Most Common Firewall Configuration Mistakes & How to Fix Them 

  • Misconfigurations account for 99% of all firewall breaches. Does your network security software help you identify rule or configuration changes that do not meet your compliance standards?
  • 59% of security practitioners agree that deployment of business services has accelerated past their ability to adequately secure them in a timely manner? How do you identify and fix overly permissive rules quickly?
10:00 - 10:45:

Eliminating the Illusion of Safety - In a Cloud-based World You Have No Perimeter

  • Your security environment is bigger than ever with more cloud providers, more remote workers, and fewer resources. How do you protect an ever-expanding security perimeter?
  • Automation is easy in the cloud but you still need to prove and maintain compliance standards. How do you automate compliance checks across your entire security environment without slowing business operations?
10:45 - 10:55:


10:55 - 11:40:

Amazingly Powerful Integrations (APIs) to Extend Your Firewall ROI

  • If you're not looking at APIs and evaluating your vendors on their API structures, you will be soon. What are the key capabilities you should be looking for?
  • APIs let you integrate across device vendors, cloud providers, and more. What integrations can you take advantage of to raise the total value of your combined security solutions?
11:40 - 12:05:

Choose Your Own Adventure Demo

  • Demo where audience chooses which feature to focus on and how to deploy it. 
12:05 - 12:30:

Recap and Lessons Learned


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