Fuel Training Day: Houston

Fuel Training Day: Houston

wedneSday, September 11, 2019

9:00 am - 2:30 pm CT


university of Houston

Student Center South
Room: Downtown
4455 University Drive
Houston, TX 77204-3049

Join us for an in-person day of education and networking around a day in the life of a networking professional! We will focus on the most important changes to the industry's mindset.

Take advantage of this complimentary day of learning, including in-depth training and discussions, lunch, and opportunities to network with peers and other thought-leaders in your industry.



9:00 - 9:15: Palo Alto Networks - What's New and What's Coming
9:15 - 10:00:

Multi-Cloud Architecture - The Massive Opportunity for Security Professionals
"Multi-Cloud" no longer means having workloads in multiple clouds. Today, "Multi-cloud" is a critical enterprise architectural requirement for an inter-cloud backbone network that operates as a service above the public cloud hyper-scaler's infrastructures.

For enterprise security professionals, this emerging architectural shift presents both potential challenges and significant professional opportunities. There is a massive enterprise transformation to public cloud underway, just as networking professionals leveraged their knowledge, training and expertise to put themselves in leadership positions during the legacy data center era, security professionals who understand and embrace this new enterprise multi-cloud architecture will be the leaders of the cloud era. 


  • Embracing and Extending Native Cloud Networking and Security Constructs
  • Leveraging Abstractions to Simplify and Normalize Complexities of a Multi-Cloud Architecture
  • Advanced Networking Concepts for Building a Multi-Cloud Backbone
  • Advance Security Concepts for Protecting a Multi-Cloud Architecture, While Maintaining Cloud Agility

10:00 - 10:45:

An Asteroid Killed the Dinosaurs - The Corporate Data Center is Dead, Long Live the Corporate Data Center.
The corporate data center will live on in the cloud, but the architectures of the on-prem data center will die. Many of the protocols, techniques, and processes change in cloud architectures. Early cloud teams proved the move to cloud was possible, but did so with significant manual operations and at relatively small scale. Now corporate information technology leaders must take the transformation to the next level of scale, security, governance and both corporate and regulatory compliance. This session will detail how this scale can be achieve through centralized orchestration and control, born in the cloud, for the cloud.

10:45 - 11:00: Break
11:00 - 12:00:

The Multi-Cloud Networking Backbone - The Foundation for Both Multi-Cloud Connectivity and Security
For many security professionals, networking has been the realm of the "networking guy", but for enterprise multi-cloud backbones, much of the architecture, the rules, the protocols, the operational processes, the challenges, and troubleshooting changes. Those who embrace the changes, own the opportunity. This session will detail how to embrace and extend native cloud constructs across multiple public cloud infrastructures to build an agile, secure enterprise multi-cloud backbone.

12:00 - 1:45: Lunch
12:45 - 1:45: Advanced Multi-Cloud Security - Securing User Access to Cloud Resources, High Performance Encryption, Monitoring, Logging and Reporting

Without connectivity, not much else matters. But once connectivity is established, security, governance and compliance are the ongoing critical path for any enterprise multi-cloud architecture and operational model. This session will detail how to leverage existing enterprise identity providers for authentication and combine this with user profile-based access controls, built into centralized network orchestration and control. We will touch on how a distributed, multi-core processing approach can break the standard 1 Gbps IPSec encryption limits to reach near line rate IPSec encrypted link throughput up to 23 Gbps, and explore the programmable operations monitoring, logging and reporting capabilities available from a well designed multi-cloud architectural approach.

1:45 - 2:30: Palo Alto Networks VM-Series in a Multi-Cloud Architecture - Going Beyond Native Constructs to Achieve Automated Orchestration, 10x Performance and No SNAT

Native cloud networking constructs, such as AWS Transit Gateway deliver powerful capabilities, but force significant compromises. Complex, manual VPC routing table updates impede agility. IPSec tunneling is required, which slams throughput performance to VM-Series firewalls down to 500 Mbps. And, SNAT requirements for scaling force loss of source address visibility. This session will show how a well architected multi-cloud approach eliminates all of these compromises with automated orchestration and deliver a 10x performance increase with source address visibility by eliminating the IPSec tunneling and SNAT requirements.




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